Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catching Up with Bobby Kelly

Former Basketball player Bobby Kelly took his game to Northern Ireland after graduating to play for the Belfast Star.  In one particular game versus UUJ, the "Boston Strangler" dropped 34 points, high scorer for the game and hit the tying buzzer-beating basket from forty feet out.  This sent the game to overtime; which they eventually won.  Although the competition wasn’t as strong as in the states, Bobby benefited greatly from this experience.  His sharp shooter acumen did not leave him after his departure from Huntington Avenue.  Kelly ranked third all-time in three point shooting percentage while at Northeastern.  Kelly, a fan favorite, was also the three-time slam-dunk contest winner in preseason midnight madness action.

After this great international experience Bobby came back to the states to work on his goal to become a police officer ( profile).  He currently works as a campus policeman for Babson College.  He commented on his recent experience:

“Babson College is a stepping stone in order to gain experience and get a foot in the door allowing myself to eventually work for the Federal Government.  The unexpected encounters will only prepare me for the real world.” 

Kelly, a Criminal Justice major, plans to join Homeland Security for the Federal Government in the future.  Kelly has to endure six to nine months training in order to join the Immigration Customs Enforcement.  Bobby is not the only member of his family in the police force, two of his uncles are members of the Dedham Police Department and another uncle works for the State Police.

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